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Gopalada - Sweet And Tasty Carob Cream

Gopalada is most delicious morning breakfast meal. Moms love to serve it in the morning to their children as a panckake with milk. This rich, nourishing meal is sufficient to satisfy palate and needs of any child or aduld.

Made with only natural ingredients, Gopalada is ideal morning breakfast. Carob powder, honey, maple syrup, coconut and good spices are the main ingredients of this product that is used in thousands of homes as a healthy morning breakfast.

Moreover, this healthy morning breakfast is highly reated for those who work in offices and need quick boost of energy.


Gopalada - you'll love it with pancakes

Gopalada - tested for low calories

Detailed research on Gopalada has proven how it's very low on calories and can be taken at any time of the day, without the feeling of being stuffed with sugar, as is the case in some other similar products. Gopalada is ligh, nourishing and it gives energy that doesn't includes accumulation of unhealthy amount of calories.

This healthy attribute of Gopalada is largely generated due to the main ingredient in the cream - carob. It is because of the carob that Gopalada's aroma is so attractive and palatable. Finely grinded, carob, mixed with other tasty inredients, gives to the cream its smooth texture.

You can enjoy as much as you like it, because there is no unhealthy sugar in Gopalada. That's why ladies who eat Gopalada don't put on extra weight.


Carob vs. Cocoa

Carob is naturally sweet and needs no additives or sugars, unlike cocoa beans. It is known as “healthy chocolate” because of many healthy components and ingredients. Carob is cultivated last 4000 year in the Mediterranen area and is very enduring and resistant tree, mainly due to its roots which grow up to 38 meters in depth under the surface. Therefore the carob tree is always healthy and draw its strength from the dep layers under the surface of the soil.

Carob is very rich in sugars (about 42%) while cocoa has only 5% of sugar. Therefore industries use lots of cugar to make chocolate. One of the main reasons why those who eat chocolate are gaining in weight is that cocoa contains about 23% of fat, while carob has only 7% of fat. Add huge amount of sugar to that and you are growing your belly fast!

Carob causes no alergic reactions, while cocoa, due to two strong stimulants - caffeine and theobromine (both known to create addiction), not only creates addiction, but also encourages allergic reactions and cause strong headaches and migraines.

Carob is full of magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphor, potassium, manganese, barium, copper, nickle, vitamine A, B, B2, B3 and D. Pectin and lignin are the two elements also found in carob. They regulate digestion and collect harmful elements in the body and dispose them safely outside of the body through the digestive system. 

Carob contains three times more calcium than cocoa. Cow's milk is one of the richerst natural sources of the calcium that contains 120-130 mg of calcium on 100 grams of cow's milk. However, carob has 325 mg of calcium on 100 grams. Cocoa is also rich in calcium, but it unfortunately contains a oxalic acid, which negatively interferes on the ability of the body to absorb the calcium.

Althoug very sweet, carb has 60% less calories than cocoa. About the proces of getting the cocoa we will not talk here as it will consume quite some space. Suffice is to say that it goes through the process of fementation that creates fungi that in turn help remove some of the bitterness of the cocoa and from that process there is tipical aroma of the cocoa generated. Without that fermentation, there would be no taste and aroma of the cocoa. Plus, there is a percentage (not more than 60%) of insect parts in it (according to FDA).

Carob is doing a great job in lowering high levels of cholesterol because it contains much of the polyphenols (antioxidants) and insoluble fibers. It is marvelous food, completely natural, safe for our organism and of fantastic taste.


Gopalada - Natural And Healthy

How To Order

Get in contact with us and let us talk. Since Gopalada is a natural food that contains no additives and preservatives, we want it to be available in healthy food stores all over the world.

Let us know about you and your store, what you do for healthy and natural living and if you are one of those nice pople who like to help others eat healthy, we will surely do business with you.


Gopalada – Shipping Worldwide


Worldwide Network

All the paper work for the product are prepared. We have the European standards of quality covered and carriers are ready for your orders.

Depending on your order quantity, you'll receive your cargo inside 7-30 days. No quantiti is small for us, because we know your customers will come for more.


Contact Us

Contact us about your vision, desires and opportunities. We are ready to produce as much as you wish.


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